Telatek Service specializes in manufacturing and machining medium-sized, demanding steel structures as well as equipment overhauls. Our methods include machining, welding, and thermal coating. Thanks to a versatile array of machines, our service units can offer a wide range of demanding machine shop services. Our specialties include thermal spraying, welding special steels, as well as repairing and manufacturing babbitted bearings.

Our key overhauls include:

  • mining components, such as mills, crushers, screens, silos, and conveyors
  • energy industry components, such as steam turbine casings, rotors, and valves
  • process industry mills, babbitted bearings, screws, shafts, valves, machined steel structures
  • marine industry components, such as propeller hubs, shafts, seal boxes, container crane tandem axles, turntables
  • steel mill rollers, bearings, bearing brackets
  • forest industry rollers, bark mills, drum chippers, screws, valves, and shafts