Service and maintenance

Thanks to our special expertise in various industries, we are pioneers in on-site services in Finland. We arrive quickly and will service your equipment securely without compromising on quality. We can take overall responsibility for the mechanical maintenance of a production line or an entire factory.

Safe working practices, decades of experience, and constant development are at the core of our services. In a nutshell, it’s called dedication.

We will handle the entire service process, from equipment design to manufacturing, from installation to commissioning to maintenance. The life cycle of your machines is in good hands.

We service and maintain mining production lines and equipment

  • mining production lines and equipment
  • steel mill production lines and equipment
  • sawmill production lines and equipment
  • pulp mill production equipment
  • paperboard and paper mill production equipment
  • marine thruster systems, impellers, engines
  • port conveyors, cranes, steel structures, and other port equipment
  • hydropower turbine parts, turbine chambers, and generators
  • thermal power gas and steam turbines, boilers, furnaces, and other process equipment 
  • oil refinery heat exchangers, reactors, other process equipment, flanges, and engine beds