On-site machining

The majority of Telatek Service’s services are carried out at the customer’s premises and on-site procedures. This working principle brings several benefits to the customer. The downtimes become shorter and the overall costs are reduced, which contribute to saving a lot of time, money and effort.

We are renowned for our flexibility and reliability. Our competent staff is used to demanding and quickly changing situations. Even if surprising problems should arise, we quickly come to help.

Our machine options are also well suited for on-site repair work. Mobile machining equipment and tools enable carrying out even larger repair procedures without disassembly. In addition to machining tasks, thermal spraying is often required in connection with overhaul procedures, in order to add material. When required, we can also design and build a tool suitable for the project.

On-site machining brings several benefits, such as:

  • the repair and maintenance of large and heavy machines or their parts
  • the repair and maintenance of machines in locations under radiation
  • long transport distances

The benefits manifest themselves as a shorter downtime, with less assembly work required, and smaller overall costs.