Repair welding

One of the specialisation areas of Telatek Service is the repair welding of large pieces. The repair welding process varies from case to case. Our experienced professionals analyse the materials to be repaired and carry out damage analysis.

It is then used to compile a repair procedure with inspection phases to carry out the work.

Welding coating

Welding coating is used when the piece is badly worn or requires a new, wear-resistant surface.

Several industrial devices require materials to protect them from intensive wear or corrosion. Telatek Service has developed suitable coatings for different uses, destined to prevent abrasion, erosion and corrosion wear. An extensive selection of welding materials and different coating methods available provide us with the optimal selection of coatings for several applications. Typical coating applications include valves, pumps, shafts, spindles and screws, as well as bearing and sealing faces.

PTA welding

PTA welding is a proof of how Telatek Services continuously strives to improve its production. As a method, PTA welding differs from traditional welding, due to the efficiency and narrowness of its arc. At the same time, less heat is transferred to the piece, and the resulting HAZ zone is minimised. This brings benefits in the repair welding of crusher shafts, where the worn and damaged surface is filled back to its original dimensions. This method enables efficient welding of carbides and stellites in valve surfaces, for example.