Thermal coating

During the thermal coating process, the base material is coated with molten material that sticks to the base material without materials becoming mixed. This helps obtain several benefits, if compared with welding: the characteristics of the base material remain unchanged, no pressure tests are required in pressurised equipment after the coating, and different metals and materials can be used together (applying zinc or ceramic coating to steel, for example). The biggest downside is that the coating cannot be taken into account in the material thickness during strength calculations.

We provide several options for different applications. We also have several additives that we have developed and patented for various applications. An example of these is erosion coating TE-7B, which has proven to be efficient in boilers of incineration plants. Experience of its use has been gained, for example, in Vaskiluodon Voima Oy’s Seinäjoki power plant since 1992.

Thermal spraying is a general term for spraying methods, where a solid additive is melted, and the molten material is applied as fine mist at a high velocity to a pretreated surface, creating a durable coating. The additives can be metals, alloys, oxides, carbides, plastics and mixtures of the above-mentioned materials.

Telatek Service has a long experience in thermal spraying. Thermal spraying is used in several industrial fields to increase the life of machines and equipment. Thanks to the variety of our coating options, our methods can be implemented in several different applications.

Thermal spraying has benefitted our customers in several ways. It helps cut down spare part investment and maintenance costs, improves the availability of the equipment and enables the production of higher-quality products.

Typical applications for thermal spraying include:

  • power plant boilers
  • steam and gas turbines
  • offshore and onshore industry
  • paper machine rolls and cylinders
Methods used

Telatek uses the following thermal spraying methods:

  • powder flame spraying
  • wire flame spraying
  • spraying-melting method
  • arc spraying
  • plasma spraying
  • HVOC spraying