Measurement services

Reliable measurements are a cornerstone of high-quality engineering.

Successful projects are guaranteed by the calibration of measuring equipment, in accordance with the quality system, together with professional staff.

Our special expertise in measuring large entities supports other Telatek group operations and enables offering all services ‘under one roof’.


  • base slab and drilling measurements
  • roll alignment
  • doctor blade alignment
  • drive alignment
  • installation measurements
  • wire equipment alignment
  • production line measurements

Measurement service devices

In our measurements, we use the following equipment:

  • Metronor 3D measuring device
  • Leica 1800 TCL tachymeter, high-precision prisms
  • AMS measurement software
  • Leica theodolites
  • Leica NA2/NAK2 level instruments
  • Rotalign coupling lasers
  • Digital angle rule for doctor blade