Welding & machining large equipment and structures

Welding & machining large equipment and structures

Telatek Works is one of Finland’s largest welding machine shops with 12,500 m2 of production space and a 100-strong staff. We are the leading contract manufacturer of large marine thruster frames in Europe. We also manufacture demanding steel structures for offshore and mining industries.

All our welders are SFS-EN ISO 9606 -1 certified. The finished products typically weigh between 40–120 tonnes. Machining is performed on heavy-duty NC machine reamers. Molding thick steel plates, welding expertise, machining massive pieces, and surface treatments are at the core of our competitive edge.

Quality welding and steel plate work

Our lifting capacity is 2 X 63 t and 3 X 20 t, a maximum of 126 t. The entire manufacturing process from plate cutting to surface finishing takes place under the same roof

Heat treatment

The post-welding stress relief annealing takes place in our large heat treatment furnace whose dimensions are 10.3 m (width) x  8.5 m (depth) x 5.5 m (height).


Our largest reamer, the Skoda HVC 3, allows machining of 120-tonne parts. Its key dimensions are: X 20,500 mm, Y 6,000 mm, V 8,000 mm.

Surface Treatment

Surface treatment is performed in our shot blasting and painting facility, whose dimensions are 5 m (width) x  16 m (depth) x 5.7 m (height).