Energy industry

Hydroelectric and steam power, gas and other incineration plants

Turbine refurbishments

Telatek has experience of more than 25 years on turbine refurbishments and related techniques. We have references of more than 100 turbine refurbishment projects, both at nuclear power plants and other power plants.

Typical refurbishment projects include:

  • turbine cylinder’s inner surfaces
  • division planes and sealing surfaces
  • guide vane disk’s sealing surfaces
  • guide vane disks and brackets
  • valves and their parts
  • rotors and generators
  • babbitted bearings

The coatings are mainly carried out by arc spraying.

We have developed, among others, the TE-20, TE-22 and TE-29 coatings.
Telatek’s easily movable equipment is excellently suited for repair and refurbishment work to be carried out in the customer’s premises. Our staff is used to working in demanding conditions, and our flexible operational method has won us many satisfied customers around the world.

The refurbishment work carried out by Telatek bring, among others, the following benefits for the customer:

  • longer service intervals and longer turbine life
  • shorter service times and fewer stoppages
  • better turbine performance and less leaks

Power plant boiler coatings

The floors and walls of the power plant boilers and pipes of the superheaters are exposed to erosion and corrosion wear during use. Telatek has developed patented CorCure and EroCure coatings that can help to significantly increase the life of these parts. The coatings are highly resistant to erosion and corrosion wear, and suited to extremely high operational temperatures.

Telatek has very extensive experience in selecting coatings that are best suited for different environments, both financially and technically.

We offer a wide-ranging coating selection, and our expert quality control guarantees the functionality of the coating. The techniques developed by Telatek increase the life of machines and devices, enabling quick service and overhaul work.

Boiler type CorCure coatings Method Thickness (mm) Coating type
Soda recovery and waste heat boilers TE-22 Arc/Flame 0.4–0.6 CrAl steel
TE-22AM Arc 0.4–0.6 CrNiBSi mixture, amorph.
TE-29 Plasma/HVOF 0.4–0.6 CrAlMo steel
TE-50/TE-55 Plasma/HVOF 0.4–0.6 NiCr mixture
TE-AO Plasma/HVOF 0.2–0.5 Ceramic
TE-AM Plasma/HVOF 0.2–0.5 NiCrMoW mixture, amorph.
TE-46A Arc 0.50–1.0 NiCr mixture
Circulated fluidized bed and fluidized bed, peat and coal boilers TE-7 Arc 0.5–2.0 CrTi cast iron
TE-7B Arc 0.5–2.0 CrTi alloyed cast iron
TE-29AM Arc 0.5–2.0 CrBSi mixture, amorph.
TE-85 Spraying + melting 0.4–1.5 NiCrBSi mixture
TE-FC Spraying + melting 0.4–1.5 NiCrBSi + carbide
TE-CC Plasma/HVOF 0.2–0.4 Carbide
TE-CC2 HVOF 0.2–0.6 Carbide mixture



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