Metal industry

Versatile repair and maintenance services

For us at Telatek Service, the starting point is always the customer’s needs. Whether it is a small part or an entire factory, we will take care of it. Our smallest pieces have weighed just a few grams, with the biggest being an oil rig of several thousands of tons.

During the years, we have solved countless problems in situations where many others have given up. For us, the customer’s problem is an opportunity, and we want to succeed.

Erosion and corrosion coatings

Corrosion coatings of steel structures are most typically aluminium and zinc coatings. Typically, the coating sites are located in demanding environments, and work is carried out in extremely demanding conditions. Thanks to experienced professionals and highly advanced methods, Telatek is at its best when the work requires flexibility and highly advanced expertise.

Typical steel structures to be coated include bridges, offshore equipment and wind power plants. We utilise the arc spraying technique.

PTA welding

PTA welding is a proof of how Telatek Services continuously strives to improve its production.

As a method, PTA welding differs from traditional welding, due to the efficiency and narrowness of its arc. At the same time, less heat is transferred to the piece, and the resulting HAZ zone is minimised. This brings benefits in the repair welding of crusher shafts, where the worn and damaged surface is filled back to its original dimensions.

PTA welding enables the efficient welding of carbides and stellites in valve surfaces, for example.

Babbitted bearings

Babbitted bearings have been traditionally manufactured by casting. Telatek Service adopted its broad-minded attitude already 25 years ago, and the company started manufacturing babbitted bearings by coating. We are the only company in Finland spraying Babbitt metal, and our method has achieved the approval of STUK / Loviisa nuclear power plant.

Babbitt metal done by coating brings significant benefits as compared to casting. For example, the manufacturing time is just a fraction of the time needed for bearings done by casting, which helps minimise stoppages and production losses. Another advantage is that the coating is properly attached to the base material, which can be determined reliably with ultra-sonic measurement. All of our bearings are inspected before they are handed over to the customer, and an inspection record is compiled.

We have also manufactured new bearings, starting from a steel body. This enables creating replacement parts in advance, and the shutdown required for service can be reduced significantly, when a new bearing is ready for replacement in the vicinity. After the replacement, the old bearing can be refurbished without time pressure.


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