Energy industry

Hydroelectric, nuclear power, steam power and gas power plants and other heating plants

Telatek Service keeps your power plant running. Thanks to our team of 100 professionals, we can promise that help is always on its way within 24 hours. You can maximise the utilisation rate and minimise worries.

In the energy sector, you can do without surprises in boiler and turbine maintenance. When everything depends on everything else, entities are large, and delays are expensive, you need a partner that you can rely on. Telatek Service minimises downtime, whether unexpected or planned.

Telatek Service is a pioneer in coating. For over 25 years, we have helped refurbish more than 20 turbines every year. We specialise in the refurbishment and revision of turbines and boilers, as well as bearing maintenance – on-site, promptly and efficiently.

Through careful advance planning of the work, we can optimise the utilisation rate, efficiency and useful life of the equipment.