1000 accident-free days at Telatek Service!

Telatek Service Oy reached a significant occupational safety milestone on 15 January 2021. The last accident leading to sick leave occurred on 21 April 2018, which means 1,000 accident-free days were completed in January. Our thanks for this great achievement go to all Telatek Service employees. This figure testifies to the investments made in occupational safety and the healthy attitude to work safety. To improve our occupational safety culture, we have e.g. actively observed safety issues, taken measures based on these observations, informed our staff, assessed jobsite risks before starting work, and generally taken occupational safety issues into account in all our activities.

As a company, Telatek Service is committed to taking the necessary measures for safe work and recognizing achievements related to occupational safety. Good occupational safety culture is developed in cooperation with our customers. At Telatek Service, occupational safety is improved every day. Each employee’s effort and attitude are key to developing and continuously improving occupational safety.

Ari Komulainen, Occupational Safety Manager

Mika Väänänen, Production Manager

”1,000 accident-free working days is an achievement that is a particular source of pride for me for many reasons.

– First of all, it is a milestone that has required input from everyone working at Telatek Service. Thank you all!

– Secondly, it is a goal most companies pursue but few achieve.

– Thirdly, our versatile work is done in demanding conditions that are extremely challenging in terms of occupational safety.

This result indicates that our work is done and managed systematically with professionalism, not with luck.

Reaching this milestone has not been easy for us. It has required a wide range of development measures from both us and our customers. This achievement is also largely a result of the development work we have carried out jointly with our customers. For this, I extend my greatest thanks to our customers!

Alongside profitability, safety has become a key business indicator and, in many cases, the most important one. Our customers require that the work be done safely, on schedule, and that it meet the quality requirements.

Other stakeholders also rate security very highly, including those working in the company as well as the owners.

This is a good basis to continue developing our proven practices.”

Juha Iiponen, CEO